Unpretty Rapstar 3 Ep 4 Eng Sub


  • yuna T

    Janey is so judgemental when it comes to “sexy, skin showing”… When nada walked in with her looks, she said “oh if it was me, i wouldn’t wear that… just rap” Like why does she care about peoples looks. Mind her own business! just rap, oh mah god!

  • Giggling Papaya

    omg soyeon is seriously irritating me.

    • Jessica Lund

      Literally, She’s so cocky… It ticks me off at this point.

  • Ramya

    I’m actually supporting Yuk Jidam for once !
    …and this happens ಠ_ಠ

  • Yuuki

    the subs wont show up… i thought this had eng sub

    • runsammy

      me neither :(( every site I go to the subs don’t show up

      • Yuuki

        i think they do that to draw us in

  • why does it say “unexpected error” everytime i try to play the videos?